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The deodorant cream I produce myself and sell offers several advantage over normal store-bought products. Instead of masking the smelly bacterial breakdown products of apocrine sweat with perfume, the deodorant cream contains NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate) and zinc oxide, which both prevent bacterial breakdown of apocrine sweat that causes body odor.
This way, body odor is prevented for much longer, with 12 hours being the lower end of the range people report. Even as the deodorant gradually wears off, body odor is still reduced significantly.
Both NaHCO3 and zinc oxide have been used by medicine for over 100 years (zinc oxide as a deodorant as early as in 1888) and are considered safe for external use. Due to the alkaline pH of the sodium bicarbonate, there can be a burning sensation when used on irritated or freshly-shaved skin, so I advise against using the cream in these cases. (If you are curious about the story behind why I'm producing this deodorant cream, I posted that together with some more details about it here: Twitter post / TwitLonger link)

I recommend waiting for two hours after having shaved before applying the deodorant cream.

Compared to deodorant cream by other producers, the one I make has a higher concentration of the active ingredients and a thicker consistency that lasts longer. Also, I offer a large variety of scents, so that everyone can find their favorite(s).

Application: After washing, apply a small amount (roughly the volume of a pea or 0.04 to 0.2g for both sides together) and spread them on your armpits evenly. The more cream you use, the more likely it is to get (temporary) white sweat stains on dark shirts, so I recommend using it sparingly.
The effect lasts for up to 2-3 days by preventing bacterial sweat breakdown, but no longer than until you wash your armpits with soap.

Editions, shortcodes, fragrances and prices

I offer the deodorant cream in four different consistency editions, with each of them being ideal for a specific room temperature / season, from 18C to 25C.

The lower the consistency rating, the easier it is to take out the cream out of the jar with your fingers at colder temperatures. At the same time, at lower consistency ratings, the deodorant will also get more liquid from your body heat and run down and thus wear off faster.

Therefor, I recommend choosing the consistency edition by the temperature of the room you usually keep the deodorant in. For example, if your room is typically 18°C or less, winter edition (18C) will work the best. However, if you live in a hot region where your bathroom will be at 23°C and up even during the colder times of the year, summer edition (25C) is the better choice.

For moderate climates and high variations in room temperature between summer and winter, I recommend ordering both one jar of 20C or 18C and one jar of 25C, so that you can always use one appropriate for the current temperature.

You can buy the deodorant cream either unscented or scented (0.4% perfume oil). Since I use pure perfume oil which doesn't contain any alcohol or other filler substances, the scents are light and lasting. Compared to spray deodorant, they don't start nearly as overbearing and are only subtly noticeable.
Whereas spray deodorant tends to be way to strong in the first 30-60 minutes and then vanishes almost completely, the fragrance strength of my deodorant is mostly constant for around 4 hours, gradually fading away afterwards.

I source my perfume oils from thefragranceshop.com, who assured me that all their fragrance oils are free from animal products, so my deodorant is suitable to vegans.

For orders of larger quantities or joint orders, I also offer making custom batches of other perfume oil strengths (0.2% for a lighter scent.
Currently, I offer these fragrances:

Sizes and prices:
You can order my deodorant cream in jars of these sizes currently: 20g, 30g, 40g, 50g, 60g, 100g, 120g, 130g, 150g.
You can find an overview of my current stock and prices here: Google Sheets link

The prices listed are valid for online orders from me and at tournaments. You can either order it from me through email, by itself or with a controller order, or buy it on my Etsy store.
Note: My Etsy store is not always open. I usually open it at the start of every month for one week. This is done so that I can ship orders in larger batches, which allows to ship worldwide for quite affordable prices.
Please keep in mind that standard shipping on Etsy does not include a tracking number, so that I can ship internationally for the lowest possible price.
If you want to be able to track your shipment, please tick the checkbox for a tracking number, which is +3€.