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I host local tournaments at my home in Vienna sometimes. I have 10 setups for people to play on, so 20-30 people is the sweetspot attendance number. 40 people is the absolute maximum.
2017 tournaments:
• 2017-01-28 (Saturday), 16:00 - 23:00: Safe Haven 4 (19 attendants)
• 2017-07-22 (Saturday), 16:00 - 23:00: Safe Haven 5
• 2017-10-07 (Saturday), 14:00 - 23:00: Safe Haven 6

Since I host these at my home, there are a few house rules that I require every attendant to agree and adhere to. In the past, there have been quite a few cases of people not doing so, which led me to stop hosting tournaments for longer times. My tolerance for disrespectful behavior is very low by now, so if you break any of these rules, expect to be banned from future tournaments at my place (until you properly and genuinely apologize to me).

1. No smoking: The smell of smoke bothers me and I'm not willing to put up with it. Please refrain from smoking during the duration of a Safe Haven event, both inside my garden and outside of it. If you are not willing to do that, please just don't consider attending. We have two regular tournament series in Vienna (Virtual Dojo Vienna and Respawn Esports Bar) where people can smoke outside.

2. No alcohol or other drugs: I want my events to be drug-free, hence the name "Safe Haven". Coffee / Coffein is allowed, if you have other substances you'd like to bring that might fall under this rule, please ask me first whether that's okay.

3. Only pee sitting down: Peeing from standing increases urine splatter dramatically and makes it necessary for me to clean the toilets intensively after every meeting. I'm not willing to put up with that. If I notice that people did pee while standing (from decomposing urine stench or visible splatter), I will either increase the entry fee dramatically or stop hosting publicly altogether, resorting to invite-only meetings for those who I know to respect my house rules.

4. Pay for stuff you break: The entry fee covers electricity and a small part of my cost for the Melee-related hardware I bought, not other things like glasses that you might break. If you break anything, I expect you to tell me and ask me how much it was, and then paying that amount.

5. Clean after yourself: Please put dishes you've used into the kitchen sink afterwards and put your waste into the trash. Separate recycling trash bags are in the ground floor toilet room.

Prices and payouts

• Entry fee: 5€ per attendant.
• Singles & Doubles fee: 2€ per competitor (4€ per team).
• Payouts: 50/25/12.5/6.25/3.125*2, rounded to closest integer each.

Complete ruleset (Bones' modified)

Singles Stage List:

- Battlefield
- Dream Land
- Final Destination
- Fountain of Dreams
- Yoshi's Story
- Pokemon Stadium (excluded from the striking process)

Doubles Stage List:

- Battlefield
- Dream Land
- Final Destination
- Yoshi's Story
- Pokemon Stadium

Character & Stage Selection Process:


- Alternating Character Selection* is used to determine the characters for game 1.
- Striking is done in the form A-B-B-A to determine the stage for game 1 (Player A strikes 1 stage, Player B strikes 2 stages, and Player A strikes 1 stage).
- For singles, Pokemon Stadium is excluded from the striking process.
- If striking order or controller ports cannot be agreed upon, the winner of a single Rock-Paper-Scissors game can either choose who strikes first or who chooses their port first. The loser gets to choose for the other option.

Set Lengths:

- All sets from Winners Semis and Losers Quarters on are played as best of 5.
- All other sets are played as best of 3.


1. The winner of the previous game chooses their character.
2. The loser of the previous game chooses their character.
3. The winner of the previous game bans a stage.
4. The loser of the previous game chooses a stage.

Bones' Stupid Rule: You cannot ban the same stage twice.

- Bans are temporary and do not carry over to the next game's stage selection.
- Random is not a legal counterpick.

General Rules:

- Pause is disabled.
- Items are set to off.
- Stock count is set to 4 stocks.
- Time limit is set to 8 minutes.
- All other game rules are set to the default.
- Stalling* is banned.
- Wobbling is legal.
- Freeze Glitch is banned.
- For Doubles, Team Attack is On, and Life Stealing is allowed.


- If both players have the same number of stocks when the clock runs out, the players should do a 2-stock, 4-minute rematch with the same characters and stage.
- If both players have the same number of stocks at the end of the tie breaker, the tie is broken by percent damage (least percent wins). In the event of a percent tie, repeat the tie breaker until a winner is decided.
- Super Sudden Death should not be played out.

Other Rules:

- Players have 2 minutes to strike their stages for game 1, and 2 minutes between matches to make their character and stage selections.
- Warm-ups before a set may last no longer than a minute. Warm-ups between games are prohibited.
- Announced sets are to be played as soon as a setup becomes available. If one or both parties delay the start of the set by 5 minutes without a good reason or the TO’s approval, the first match is lost for the delaying player or team. After another five minutes, the entire set is lost.
- Forfeiting or being disqualified may result in a player being eliminated from both Winner's and Loser's Bracket at the TO's discretion.
- The game version used is a modified PAL iso with default tournament settings, striking in the stage selection screen¹, the Shadow Dragon Blue Marth costume and UCF v0.65. This version of Melee is pre-loaded by me on all the 10 setups I provide.
- Neutral Start*
- Coaching and Harassment* are banned.
- Gentleman’s Agreement*
- The M2K rule: By entering the tournament you agree to play your matches on the setup requested by a TO (whether it be a stream, recording, or non-recording setup).

¹Y removes all non-legal stages, X bans a stage, Z resets stage selections.

*Alternating Character Selection: Players each select a character and can take turns altering their choice. Either player can accept the character selection at any time after their opponent's last alteration (and before their own). If this process begins to loop with neither player willing to accept any of the selections, then the players must do a double blind selection with a third party official. A double blind [i]may not[/i] be requested as the initial means of selection.

*Stalling: The following techniques are banned when used as a means of timing out the opponent: Sing Ledge Stalling (repeatedly putting the enemy to sleep), Rising Pound (no more than 2 consecutive Pounds when the intent is to waste time), Peach Wall-Bombing, wall jumping on the bottom of Battlefield, Luigi Ladder (or similar techniques) in teams, keeping Fox or Falco locked in shine with Fox's laser, and Wobbling past 300%. The use of any of these techniques results in the immediate disqualification with the exception of certain extenuating circumstances (stage changes preventing reliable KOs or situations in teams when both opponents are alive and one is not being Wobbled).

*Neutral Start: Before any match, a player may request that both combatants start from neutral positions. If this is elected, at the start of the match, both players position their characters at the edges of the stage. When the timer reaches 7:55:99, both players may start to move.

*Coaching and Harassment: Coaching includes any form of communication between a player and non-player (communicating with teammates in doubles is acceptable). Cheering from the crowd is permitted so long as it there is no form of advice or personal derogatory statements being conveyed (this does not include impersonal trash talk related to a player's gameplay). Players are not to receive coaching, including in between games, or to leave the station once a set has begun. This includes back-to-back sets with the same opponent.

*Gentleman's Agreement: If both players can agree on a rule different from any of the above, they may play with that ruleset instead. Any rules not specifically agreed upon are assumed to be the default as dictated by this ruleset. A ruleset cannot be agreed upon if it changes the total number of games and/or makes it possible for a set to exceed 8 minutes per game. The tournament organizer is not responsible for enforcing any agreements made between players; make "gentleman agreements" at your own risk.

*Controller modifications: Controller modifications and alternative controllers of any kind are allowed, except for macros and turbos. To specify, a macro is when one physical button input causes more than one in-game input, regardless of whether these inputs are digital or analog. L-analog and R-analog are considered separate button inputs and in-game inputs from L-digital and R-digital. A turbo is when a button that's being held stops and restarts the input it's assigned to before being released.
A button input does not need to be of mechanical nature, electrical inputs are allowed too, as long as they are consciously and separately performed by the competitor, and not an electrical device that takes care of input timing for the competitor.
This does mean that controllers with Arduinos installed are legal by default, unless they have custom code installed that qualifies as a macro or turbo as by the definition above.

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