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The deodorant creme I produce myself and sell offers several advantage over normal store-bought products. Instead of masking the smelly bacterial breakdown products of apocrine sweat with perfume, the deodorant cream contains NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate) and zinc oxide, which both prevent bacterial breakdown of apocrine sweat.
This way, body odor is prevented for much longer, with 12 hours being the lower end of the range people report.
Both NaHCO3 and zinc oxide have been used by medicine for over 100 years (zinc oxide as a deodorant as early as in 1888) and are considered safe for external use. Due to the alkaline pH of the sodium bicarbonate, there can be a burning sensation when used on irritated or freshly-shaved skin, so I advise against using the cream in these cases.

Application: After washing, apply a small amount (roughly the volume of a pea or 0.2g for both sides together) and spread them on your armpits evenly. The more creme you use, the more likely it is to get (temporary) white sweat stains on dark shirts, so I recommend using it sparingly.
The effect lasts for up to 2-5 days by preventing bacterial sweat breakdown, but no longer than until you wash your armpits with soap.
Do not (!) apply within 30 minutes of having shaved your armpits to avoid a burning sensation caused by the alkaline sodium bicarbonate.

Editions, shortcodes, fragrances and prices

In the past, I offered the deodorant creme in four different consistency editions, with each of them being ideal for a specific room temperature / season. This is why some older jars have labels that have "25°C" / "Summer Edition" etc. printed on them.
By now, I learned through experience and customer feedback that "Fall Edition" / 20°C covers the entire temperature range, so I won't be offering any different consistencies any longer (except for special requests / large quantities).

Apart from the consistency, there's also a distinction in terms of shea butter batch type. Shea butter varies wildly in color, smell and consistency, and so far I have tried four different shea butter types:
• Batch A: Odorless, refined and deodorized, highest viscosity, most expensive (legacy)
• Batch B: Very faint odor, refined, medium-low viscosity, cheap (legacy)
• Batch C: Strong odor, unrefined, low viscosity, very cheap
• Batch D: Odorless, refined and deodorized, high viscosity, organic, medium price

Batch D is my default shea butter supplier as of now (2018-12), with batch C being sold for roughly half the price (due to the noticeable nut-like smell of the shea butter, which skews the smell of the perfume oil added).
For people who prefer a more natural and unadulterated product and don't mind the smell of natural shea butter, batch C offers the highest value.

You can buy the deodorant creme either unscented, lightly scented (0.2% perfume oil) or strongly scented (0.4% perfume oil).
Currently, I offer these fragrances:
• Tunisian Opium (TO for short): oriental fragrance with a pleasant, gentle character. Blends quite well with the natural smell of shea butter, so this is the only fragrance that I use for batch C.
• Masculine 1 (M1): an unidentified fragrance of a mossy, wood-like scent. Fairly mild and never unpleasant, barely noticeable in 0.2% concentration.
• Unisex 1 (U1): a somewhat floral, yet not overly feminine scent.
• Masculine 4 (M4): has a special sweet, intense yet fresh character. Quite noticeable even in 0.2% concentration. Not unpleasant, but very 'present'. A good choice if you want to notice the scent throughout the day.

Sizes and prices:
You can order my deodorant creme in jars of these sizes currently: 10g, 30g, 40g, 50g, 100g, 120g, 130g.
The quantities available as well as the prices in EUR are listed here.
In the "Prices" tab of the spreadsheet, you can see the general prices for different batch / size / fragrance strength combinations.
Finally, in the "Production log" tab, you can see the ingredient percentages I've been using, in case you want to produce some deodorant creme yourself.

The prices listed are valid for online orders from me. At tournaments, I might charge slightly more.